Mary Evelyn Tucker partners with cosmologist Brian Swimme on Journey of the Universe

By Frank Brown
Assistant Director, Publications
Yale Divinity School - Notes from the Quad

Yale Divinity School Senior Lecturer Mary Evelyn Tucker is partnering with cosmologist Brian Swimme on an ambitious multi-media project that aims to convey the nature of our physical world by tapping the perspectives of a multitude of disciplines, from astronomy to theology and religious history.

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Film Premiere: Journey of the Universe

Environment: YALE magazine
Fall 2010

“Journey of the Universe,” a documentary film that draws together scientific discoveries in astronomy, biodiversity, biology, ecology and geology with humanistic insights concerning the nature of the universe, will premiere at a conference on the same topic from March 24 to 27 in Kroon Hall. The film, produced by Mary Evelyn Tucker, a co-director of the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology, is designed not only to show humanity’s wondrous connection to the cosmos but also to inspire people to form a new and closer relationship with our planet during a period of environmental and social crisis.

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