Screening or Showing? What’s the Difference?



A screening is a large public event in a theater or auditorium intended for a specific geographical region, on a specific date, open to the public, and publicized in advance of the event. Most likely, tickets will be sold for this type of event.

If you are interested in scheduling a screening of the Journey of the Universe, please review the Screening Technical Instructions and complete the Screening Request Form and email it to Sue Espinosa at We will support your event by providing promotional materials, posting your screening on the Journey of the Universe website, and notifying people on our list of your event.


A showing is a viewing of the DVD which has been purchased at a price that includes the right to share the program with a small group (non-profits, retreat centers, communities, classroom, etc.).

If you are planning on showing the Journey of the Universe in your center, community, or classroom, your purchase includes the right to do so. Click here to receive notice when the DVD is available for purchase.

Screening Technical Instructions

Screening Request Form

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